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16 August 2008 @ 05:20 pm
I suck I know! I rarely update and it's because I am totally lame no other reasoning. Summer has been fantastic, I'm sad to see it slowly fade and turn to fall almost. But of course our wedding is in like two weeks *egad* and the stress is tarting to pile on. The boys had a great time this summer both went on different trips and got lots of individual time with us as well as together time. It was nice. Of course my highlight so far (besides the wedding) was our trip to DC/NYC! It was fantastic!!! I was in awe the whole time and sad to leave. I'm going to post a crapload of pictures from our trip, I'm just waiting for them to load to my photobucket so I'm adding some fillibuster...I probably should have planned better right?

While waiting for those pics to upload I'll fill you in a bit on what's going on lately. I had some major dental work done the other day and I'm not in great spirits because my freaking mouth hurts. However it was needed and wont ever need to be done again because now I will demonstrate good dental hygiene by going to the dentist like one should. My smile will be in top shape for the wedding though which is nice since we are paying for a blingy photographer and all right? School starts on Monday for me and Thursday for the boys. Why start on a Thursday? I have no idea but it annoys me to no end.

The wedding...oh the wedding!! Things are really getting underway and it's been nice. It would be nicer if the people we loved most would be able to come but what can ya do right? Don't take offense Erica, your circumstances are understandable. It's the other 25 people that we gave a years notice to that I'm bothered by. I'm sad because even my two best girlfriends are kind of blase about the upcoming wedding. It's as if they could give a shit, which makes me feel pretty insignificant. If they were getting married I would be so excited and happy for them and want to be as much a part as I possibly could. Oh wait, one of them did just get married and I wasn't invited to the wedding. Apparently nobody was, but I heard throuh the grapevine that some came anyway. I was heartbroken to not be invited but did my best to understand it was what she wanted (just her, future hubby, their kids and both their parents). She is family to me though and I felt kind of gutted to miss out on something so special. Stacey gently told me that maybe she doesn't feel as much of a friend to me as I do to her. I guess I would be shocked because 20+ years friendship would be painful to not have anymore. I don't know.

I'll make a new entry with pictures
16 August 2008 @ 01:43 pm

You are so not alone.

We've struggled with the same (ok similar) thoughts for our boys regarding two mom families. It's hard and frustrating. I want to scream "come out come out wherever you are!" But sadly it's even harder to find like-minded and upwardly mobile two mom families to share in joy, hardships, and friendships. Oklahoma isn't exactly a hot bed of "out" families. Sounds like CA isn't either. We have some friends with children and it's wonderful; we are just all over the country and not next door like we wish we could be.

wndrgrrrl@cox.net We are happy to share our friendship just reach out.

Jenn & Stacey
27 May 2008 @ 10:53 pm
She said, do you think you could?
And I said, yeah, in a second. . .
I'm sitting by a waterfall and when the people jump in
They hold their nose and kiss these walls
Granite walls, water-polished walls
Just don't ever want to move from this spot
You can sit here for so long!
There's a slide, suislide, you can live or die
Going down, going down, go down!
Boy came to the side
I said, "You want to go down that slide?"
He said, "No man, hey you got a joint to sell me?"
We just smoked one, we got a roach we said. . .
"I'll smoke the roach!"
But first go down that slide man
Go on down, go on down, go on down!
I'm sitting by a waterfall. . .
Could bear to watch the people sit and fall
You know the plants on the rocks are crazy
Thinking that they could start a life
On the spiral walls of a waterfall!
Slow divers?
Their view is spectacular!

It's not just the words if hardly at all...it's the music, melody, harmonious eeriness, coupled with Perry's famous pitch. Somehow it wraps around you and snuggles you like an old favorite blanket should; just perfectly. God I love this cd.

When I think of all the things I've done in my youth with this cd playing in the background; pausing occasionally in a lucid trance to ponder in amazement at just how great it sounds. How absolutely perfect for the moment it was each time I caught a note, chorus, bridge or wail. Nothing happening and it still is absolutely perfect.

Three days was the morning.
My focus three days old.
My head, it landed to the sounds of cricket bows...
I am proud man anyway...
Covered now by three days...
Three ways was the morning.
Three lovers, in three ways.
We knew when she landed, three days she'd stay.
I am a proud man anyway...
Covered now by three days...
We saw shadows of the morning light
The shadows of the evening sun
Till the shadows and the light were one.
Shadows of the morning light
The shadows of the evening sun
Till the shadows and the light were one...
True hunting is over.
No herds to follow.
Without game, men prey on each other.
The family weakens by the bite we swallow...
True leaders gone, of land and people.
We choose no kin but adopted strangers.
The family weakens by the length we travel...
All of us with wings...
All of us with wings...
All of us with wings!
All of us with wings!
All of us with wings!
All of us with wings!
Erotic Jesus lays with his Marys.
Loves his Marys.
Bits of puzzle, hitting each other.
All now with wings!
'Oh my Marys! Never wonder... Night is shelter for nudity's shiver...'

All now with wings...

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18 May 2008 @ 08:00 pm
Things are going great right now. Summer is almost here, school is just about out for the boys. We went to White Water for a bit this afternoon, mainly to get our season passes set up so we can go regularly when school is out. I'm looking forward to it, the boys and I will have a lot of fun

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. :) We are getting geared up for our DC trip in just a couple more weeks. I'm so looking forward to it. I'll update more when I get a chance, right now I've got to get the boys situated for bed time.
24 April 2008 @ 11:29 pm
humorous pictures
see more crazy cat pics
23 April 2008 @ 11:52 pm
That public school music teacher in NYC with a love for Tori Amos has had his children's choir do a beautiful beautiful rendition of the Tori classic Flying Dutchman.

I'm lame and haven't been keeping up with much of anything except school. Finals are around the corner for the next two weeks, I wish they would be here now so I could get them over with. I've got some Spring Fever and it takes everything within me to get my ass to school instead of dilly-dallying like I prefer. Lots going on to write about and maybe I'll get it all written down (or maybe not, we shall see)!

Let's star with the most recent...we took a trip to Eureka Springs this weekend to meet with our newly hired wedding planner. Thank heavens! She helped us tremendously!! We now have a "theme" of sorts, colors, invitations picked, cake design and flowers decided! We also got some beautiful pictures of the hotel grounds and gardens too.

Here is the cake design we are in love with (it's very simple and clean looking but also elegant with the bow):

Here is the picture that inspired me and sealed the deal on what I wanted exactly:

Just because they are gorgeous, I'll put up some pics of the hotel that we took Saturday:

On our long drive home, we discussed a potential family vacation. We talked about how our friend and her family in Regina, Canada are going to Disney World in December and how wonderful it would be if we could go too. We talked about numbers and tossed around some ideas and well, I officially make our reservations for our room tomorrow!! We compromised and are going to drive (I did not want to drive, but flying is really expensive)the 20 hour trip but break it up with an overnight stay in New Orleans (woohoo!). I'm so excited that we get to go back to Disney World and I cannot wait to re-visit Epcot and really spend some time there unlike the last itme we went. We had a great day but didn't ride any rides and we had a short day so we didn't get to experience everything Epcot has to offer. It's going to be fantastic I just know it! PLUS the very best part is that we are going to spend New Years Eve in the Magic Kingdom with our friend, her husband and their four children. This is going to be the best Christmas present ever for our family. I can't wait!

memories from our last trip:
Stacey took this picture at the entrance to Epcot.

Kristopher having a little sombrero fun in Mexico at Epcot.

That's all for now!
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26 February 2008 @ 08:07 pm
I'm alive :) School is keeping me busy as well as a busy home life. I've got two exams this week and a paper due. Neither of which I am very confident I'll excel with. I feel so behind since I missed a week of school. I got all the notes and assignments I missed caught up but I still feel a little lost. I guess it really does pay to be at the lectures rather than getting the info secon hand.

Wedding planning is pretty much non existent right now. Colors have been picked, table decorations have been decided upon (I think). Not a whole lot left but still so much to do yikes! We'll get it done eventually. Now is a really busy time for Stacey at work as they are putting on their state conference.

We'll be in D.C. in the beginning of June for 6 days then on to NYC for 4 days! I'm so excited!! I've never been to either place before so it's going to be awesome. We got tickets to see Gypsy with Patty Lupone performing. Stacey is so excited about it. I'm excited about the whole trip. I get to be nerdy and do a bunch of site seeing while she in the conference sessions. I can see all the stuff most people only learn about in History class. It's going to be wonderful!!!

Off to have Stacey help me review for my Religions of Mankind exam that starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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11 February 2008 @ 05:40 pm
I'm sick, way sick. I've got pneumonia and being treated for Pertussis. I don't know if I have full blown Pertussis or what but the dr. did say he wanted to treat me for it because he thinks I might have a touch of it as well. I feel like there is cotton in my lungs, my chest is tight and when I start coughing my side hurts intensely. I spent Saturday in the ER to get the lovely diagnosis.

A lot of stuff has been done towards the wedding, E did you get your card in the mail? I'll update when I feel better.